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April 3, 2011

BrittDubs is typing…

A quick tutorial on instant messaging!

Time lapses in instant messaging is one of the most trying aspects of this technology. Often people forget to sign out so I end up sending them messages (sometimes time relevant) that end up being useless. Other times people walk away from their computers without saying so. I’m left staring at the screen anticipating a message that will never come. What might be even worse are those who claim that they’ll BRB (be right back) when in fact it turns out that they actually meant BBL (be back later).

FYI, I love acronyms, but we all know that sometimes too much of a good thing can be too bad. IKR? I used two in the previous paragraph, but those are fairly well known. When you can, use acronyms people will readily understand. If not, your messages can become confusing and needless ambiguous (WTF). Acronyms save time, but not that much time IMO.

Emoticons are cute and a well placed smiley can quickly diffuse an escalating situation, but use these sparingly. I, for one, don’t particularly appreciate being bombarded with countless winky faces and the like. More often than not, I find them simply conversation fillers (like LOL). They’re used when you don’t actually have anything to say which isn’t great news for the people conversing.